Reporting on Discovery and Deposition in Child Custody Cases

Divorce, no matter how amicable in the beginning, can be a harrowing process for each party and their families. It may take longer for you to realize you want a divorce when there are children involved. After you make that decision, you must make difficult decisions about child support and child custody that may become volatile quickly. In a custody case information will be gathered about your children, their school, medical records, and accounts of you and your ex spouse’s daily lives. In the event… Read full post

Depositions: Putting the Personal in Personal Injury?

Depositions are a part of the legal process that is never featured on legal television shows. This is because depositions are rarely good theatre (although every once in awhile, they do get out hand in spectacular fashion). However, depositions more often than not are the most important part of litigation, perhaps even over trial. This is because depositions are the chance for the other side to grill a witness or party on just about anything that is remotely relevant to the claim to gauge the… Read full post