3 Important Legal Business Relationships to Build

Successful attorneys must not only be skilled as legal practitioners, but also be adept at building business relationships that will help grow their firm. Because it is the job of an attorney to work hard on behalf of his clients, having these key relationships can be very important to building lasting clientele. Those lawyers who can properly build business relationships with these three kinds of support entities are taking an important step in the long-term success of their firm: Court Reporter A skilled court reporter… Read full post

How Accurate Should A Court Transcript Be?

Chicago Court Reporter  Want the fastest and most accurate Chicago court reporter? At Capital Reporting Company we are proud to be the home of the top court reporting services in Chicago, IL. You may be asking, “How accurate should a court transcript be?” The answer is as close to 100% accurate as possible! We can offer you a professional court reporter in Chicago, who is assured to be the fastest and most accurate you will ever hire. Our services are brought to you by trial… Read full post